Collect Data without paper

Reduce costs, speed up processes, increase efficiency,

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Get Your Business into the cloud.

Datamaqr Systems specialise in creating cloud applications for collecting data without paper. Our Systems will reduce your costs, improve your efficiency and quickly give you a return on investment. These Systems are used in a variety of private, public and voluntary sectors organisations.

System Example : Firedoor Inspection

Reduced Inspections Times

Our Firedoor Inspection system is used in hospitals and businesses and has reduced inspection time from 20 min. to 1 min per door. Whole sites can be inspected in a much shorter time frame.

Accurate Data

The data produced is more accurate, more detailed and more inspections can be performed without an increase in staffing..

Reduced Costs

Reports are collated in real-time eliminating clerical support costs and clients can log in to access asset and inspection reports. Photos of damage can be accessed and verified.